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Meanwhile, the first rank is occupied by Rolex. Ranked third by Fossil, following Omega, Cartier, Citizen, Seiko, Patek Philippe, Longines, Tissot, and Casio.

Seiko Watches are well known for being equipped with the latest technology. They made the first six quartz watch called Seiko Astron in the year 1969. Also, they launched the first LCD six digit display watch. They are reputed for delivering the first television watch, watches with functions which are similar to a computer and the list goes on. They have also made their mark by making a timepiece that can be used in space. With such highs, Seiko Watches are at the top position today. Seiko has also joined hands with the Hero Honda F1 racing team since 2006. They have created a special collection on this theme for men and women. This collaboration has enhanced the value of Seiko Watches in the market.